1. Affiliate Signup Commission

Affiliates can get an Affiliate Signup Commission when a user becomes an affiliate using the affiliate link.

2. Account Signup Commission

Affiliates can get a Account Signup Commission when a user creates an account through WooCommerce Signup Form using the affiliate link.

3. Affiliate Slug Modification

Using the Affiliate Slug Modification module, you can allow your affiliates to customize the affiliate link slug.

The settings to modify the Affiliate Slug can be found in Affiliate Dashboard -> Profile -> Basic Details -> Modify Affiliate Slug.

Now, affiliates can see the Modified Slug after generating the Affiliate Link.

4. Pretty Affiliate Links

By default, the affiliate link will be generated in a normal format.

Using the Pretty Affiliate Links module, the affiliate link will be generated in the below format.

5. Refer a Friend Form

Using the Refer a Friend module, you can allow your affiliates directly invite new users to your site from their dashboard using the Refer a Friend Form[Affiliate Tools -> Refer a Friend Form].

6. QR Code

Using the QR Code module, you can display a QR Code in the Affiliate Dashboard. The affiliates can get their affiliate link by scanning the QR Code & refer other users to the site.

7. Social Share

– Using the Social Share module, you can allow your affiliates to promote their affiliate link by sharing on the Social Networks supported by this plugin. 

– The Social Icons will be displayed once they generate their affiliate link[Affiliate Dashboard -> Affiliate Tools -> Affiliate Links]. 

8. Payout Request 

Using the Payout Request module, you can allow your affiliates to give a request to the site admin to get their Unpaid Commission Amount.

We are displaying a separate table for the site admin to track the requested details by affiliates & pay the unpaid commission to them.

9. Product Based Affiliate Link

Using the Product Based Affiliate Link moduleyou can allow your affiliates to generate the affiliate link based on the Product Name.

10. Affiliate Level Product Commission

Using the Affiliate Level Product Commission moduleyou can set different commission rates for each product to each affiliate in the Affiliate Level[SUMO Affiliates Pro -> Affiliates -> Edit Affiliate].

11. Multi Level Marketing

The Parent Affiliates can get the direct referral commission when a referral action has been performed by the Child Affiliates & can get the MLM Commission when a Child Affiliate earns a referral commission from other users.



12. WooCommerce Coupon Linking

Using the WooCommerce Coupon Linking moduleyou can link the WooCommerce Coupon Code to your Affiliates.

Affiliates can share the linked coupon code with other users & get the commission when a buyer makes a purchase using the given coupon code & the buyer can get a discount for their order as well.

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