WooCommerce PayPal Braintree

WooCommerce PayPal Braintree allows you to accept Credit Cards and PayPal Payments via Braintree.

Follow the Steps mentioned below to see the plugin in action

  • Add one or more Products to the Cart
  • Proceed to the checkout page
  • Select the “WooCommerce PayPal Braintree Payment Gateway
  • You will see a Braintree Hosted Payment Form, with two payment options
    • – Pay with Card
    • – PayPal
  • If you select to pay with Card, you can use any one of the sandbox cards from Sandbox Credit card Numbers section
  • If you select to pay with PayPal, you can use the sandbox PayPal account credentials from Sandbox Login Details section


You can use the sanbox credential listed below to make Payment.

Sandbox Credit card Numbers

American Express : 378282246310005

Diners Club : 36259600000004

Discover : 6011111111111117

JCB : 3530111333300000

Mastercard : 5555555555554444

Visa : 4111111111111111

PayPal Login Details

User Name: demo.woocommercepaypalbraintree@gmail.com

Password: Internetuser2