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Smart Content Protector
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This is the Demo Page for Smart Content Protector Plugin.

Smart Content Protector is the go to Plugin to Protect the Text and Images in your WordPress site. In order to avoid Plagiarism, it is essential to make sure the Text and Images from your WordPress site is not copied. Options for Disabling the Mouse Right Click and Possible Shortcut Keys in Windows & Linux for Cut (CTRL+x), Copy (CTRL+c), Paste (CTRL+v), Select All(CTRL+a), View Source (CTRL+u) etc in the Settings Page. It also supports Mac Cut (Command+x), Copy(Command+c) etc. It works automatically once the Plugin is activated.

Mouse Right Click and other Shortcut Keys are Disabled in this Page. Try it out!!!

Drag Me or Right Click and Save Me!!!

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If href attribute contains original image path, the original image path is masked on hover. Click and See!!!


If href attribute contains some other link(other than the image link), it will go to that link when you click. Click and See!!!